Airtame review

Airtame is one of a myriad of HDMI dongles to wirelessly connect computers to TVs. Airtame is, annoyingly, one of the more expensive options but there seems to be a steady supply of new and unwanted units on eBay at much more reasonable prices.


There wasn’t much of an “unboxing” experience, perhaps because their target users are corporates and public sector organisations. It looks like a USB stick so you might expect it’d be a similar size – it’s noticeably larger than that and, depending on the port layout on your TV, it might preclude the use of the neighbouring HDMI port. There is an extension cable in case your HDMI port is on the rear of the TV and the TV is wall mounted, and a USB cable to plug into the TV to power the unit.



The setup was very, very easy. Switch the TV to the appropriate HDMI input and switch your computer to the WiFI network displayed on screen. Then, open the Airtame app for Windows, Mac or Linux (!) and you can (optionally) configure it to use your existing network, set up a screensaver, set up a password and so on. The ad hoc network makes setup quick and easy, and makes the unit suitable for taking with you. Just as it’s easy to take it with you and present anywhere, it’s also very easy to leave it attached to your TV and let guest speakers connect with minimal preparation.


The performance is surprisingly good. With the Airtame and my MacBook Pro connected via AC WiFi, the lag, although noticeable, was much shorter and less frustrating than expected. It’s not well suited to movies but for presenting – either with a slideshow, short video clips or sharing your screen, it is very smooth.


I highly recommend this product. The companion apps are great, performance is great and the ease of use in unparalleled. This is the device for you if you hate faffing with technology when you’re already running late.


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